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BTDM is a leader you instant and simulative Miss Call Service Provider.

Long Code SMS Services

Long Code SMS Services

A long code is just a 10 digit virtual phone number which a business can use communicate and connect with its customers. You can make use of this 10 digits virtual phone number which we call long code to get your viewers to vote or call on a particular number. Moreover, you can also use it for creating fan clubs or the chat rooms for your subscribers. The facility of long code can be availed by media sectors for conducting online polls. The schools, colleges and universities in India can use it to make exam results announcements. A subscriber will just need to text or call to the long code to know exam results. Moreover, you can use it to get information on demand. A subscriber just needs to give a call to this automated number and he/she will be provided with the required information.

Use of Long Code SMS Services

  • Voting – You can get viewers to call or vote on a particular number with the help of a virtual phone number or long code.
  • Community Chats – : Long codes can be used for creating fan clubs, chat rooms etc for subscribers.
  • Examination Results Announcement – Subscribers can call or text on the long code provided to know examination results.
  • Information on Demand – Subscribers can call on the long code provided to gather any information they require..

Features of Long Code

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Control panel to view responses.
  • Real Time Editing
  • Customized welcome messaging
  • URL forwarding.
  • Normal SMS charges apply.
  • Easy to use and add to mobile phone address books

We offer hassle free SMS long code Service in India on shared and dedicated SMS longcode numbers

BTDM's Long Code is quite simple to use and does its task with efficiency. What's more is that it is affordable too!.

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Why Choose BTDM Long Code Services

BTDM is a popular name for Long Code / Services in India. We provide a range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. Long Code SMS Service is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and warm leads.

Our Speciality

SMS long code service for India is another innovative service from BTDM. It helps you to cut-down the cost of sending SMS to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number. Using SMS Longcode service in India is similar to shortcode service, the difference is long code SMS number is a 10 digit SMS number. Our SMS longcode numbers are easy to remember and have good recall value. Incase you want to have your own dedicated Long code (Longcode) number then you can choose any premium number and use that as your SMS longcode number. SMS Longcode will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs, our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication fast and easy it also helps you to cut down the cost of pulling data from your server. With BTDM, you're sure that you are getting the best SMS Long code service in India from the leader of SMS industry since 2008.