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Bulk Voice Service

BTDM Provides you instant and simulative Bulk Voice Service.

Bulk Voice Call Service

Bulk voice call Services

As a business or service provider, it is your responsibility as well as a necessity to communicate and stay in touch with your customers. While email and SMS is a popular way of business communication, another way of doing this is through voice call or voice broadcasting. This is where people receive a call and instead of someone actually speaking to them, they hear a pre-recorded voice message. BTDM Provides a new service that will help businesses and companies to send these voice messages to their customers in bulk.

Why to use bulk voice call?

The bulk voice call is a great way of sending messages, news and alerts to your customers. It is a popular method used for promotional activities of a company. Apart from this, this method is also used for sending messages regarding pending bill payment, EMI alerts, stock alerts, etc. This voice call system is also used for mobile marketing, political campaigns, meeting reminders, meeting alerts, notifications, community alerts, etc.

  • Online and easy to manage
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to retrieve
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Not time consuming

Advantages of bulk voice call

With bulk voice call, you can reach across to a large group of people within a short time. The best advantage of opting for this is that you do not have to hire a telephone operator to actually speak to the people. The message is recorded and uploaded onto the interface and then sent to the customers. This way it is possible for you to reach a large number of people, more than what a telephone operator can in a day..

Communicate with your customer through BTDM Bulk Voice Service

BTDM's bulk voice call system is quite simple to use and does its task with efficiency. What's more is that it is affordable too!.

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Why Choose BTDM Bulk Voice Service

We provide you a platform to send voice messages related to your work or business. We provide you with a web based interface where you can upload the pre-recorded voice message as well as the contact list of people whom you want to send the messages to. Once this is done, you can activate the system using the control panel and it calls the people on the contact list and plays the message as soon as they pick up the phone. Apart from these, we also provide several other advantages of using our service. These include:

  • Control panel that is easy to use

  • No monthly fees or any other hidden calls.

  • Completely automated system

  • DND filtered gateways

  • Facility to set up call schedules

  • Send voice messages in different languages

BTDM's bulk voice call system is quite simple to use and does its task with efficiency. What's more is that it is affordable too! for more Query