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BTDM Provides you instant and simulative Bulk Email Service.

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Bulk Email Services

We are Bulk Email Service Provider based in the India. We offer the services such as spam checking, promotional content or newsletter and upload customer database amongst others. You can now stay connected with your potential customers through mass mail services and, thus turn your products into a brand name. No matter who your customers are, we offer you the best services in the industry. You can choose from various packages offered by us and zero-in on the one that best meet your expectations. It’s time to set your business apart from the rest. We provide

Email marketing facilitates easy reach to target mass in a place they visit on regular basis – their INBOX. At BTDM, we offer exponentially better assistance to augment user engagement and harvest desired result. Email database marketing CREATE VALUE & PERSONAL TOUCH – AT SCALE! Let us assist you to “CHOOSE MARKETING PLATFORM WISELY”

Reasons to adopt Targeted Email Marketing

  • VALUE – Email campaign is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool.
  • REACH – Email marketing service allow brands to meet prospects in their choice of environment.
  • BESPOKE – Email advertising service makes it simple to tailor-made your message for each customer, fostering a higher conversion rate.
  • EFFECTIVENESS – As per Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is 40X more effective than any social media platform in acquiring new business.
  • CONSENSUS – Opt-in feature makes email a form of consensual marketing
  • TRACKABILITY – Email marketing campaign are easy to track and ROI is measurable.

Why to use bulk email Services?

Email Marketing is the heart of communication. Email Service is the most efficient, reliable and flexible way to reach your customers. Email Campaigns help you to understand your subscribers more efficiently.

  • Easy to send across lengthy piece of information
  • Able to carry binary data such as images, ringtones and more
  • No restrictions or monthly commitment
  • Dedicated throughput
  • Facility to easy opt-out

Communicate with your customer through BTDM Bulk Email Service

BTDM's bulk Email Service is quite simple to use and does its task with efficiency. What's more is that it is affordable too!.

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Why Choose BTDM Bulk Email Service

BTDM being most trusted Email Marketing Service Provider, We give upto 100% assured Delivery Rate with our Packages at unbeatable low monthly plans. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else ! We are an innovative bulk email service provider company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide inbuilt email template editor and provide real-time delivery report from our web based bulk email service application.

Our Speciality in Bulk Email Services

Easy to Use

"BTDM’s Bulk Email Services are easy to use and enable you to create emails that continually improve our sales performance."

Email & Phone Support

BTDM Bulk Email Service is a personalized and prompt service our team provides you the platform which is so easy to use. and we helps youon each on every step through our email and phone support

BTDM's bulk email is quite simple to use and does its task with efficiency. What's more is that it is affordable too! for more Query